For more than forty years, we at James Vending have been proclaiming the fact that All vending companies are NOT the same!  We’ve all seen machines in locations with the classic “OUT OF ORDER” sign taped to the front,  or the “exact change only” light glowing for all to see;  Equipment that is dirty and poorly lit; Expired products or products that  no one would want to purchase anyway.   Better yet, how about the daily need to “shake the machine”, due to the products not being delivered??!!   Yes, unfortunately this is what many think of, when envisioning vending machines and services.   If this sounds like what you have experienced, in your location, then come to us for a better way.  Pictured above is what your vending SHOULD look like and it is available for your location right away.  
All vending equipment comes standard with debit/credit card acceptance, larger bill and coin acceptance, SureVend Technology, LED Lighting and EnergyStar Efficiency.   Our “Media” Equipment, (pic above) has a 7” LCD Touchscreen, which measurably enhances the vending experience.  Media pieces have health information available at the fingertips of the consumer.  Simply choose an item, and discover the ingredients and health content right there on the screen!   Check out the latest in coffee equipment! See the New “Voce” Coffee System pictured above.  This is the latest in vending coffee and is head and shoulders above other coffee vending pieces, in the industry.   Wake up or warm up with your favorite standard or gourmet coffee drinks, as well as specialty cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, and more!  The Voce’s sleek style and design makes it possible to fit in almost any lunchroom or office space.  
Want to see your company logo or name in “lights”??  Check out our customized vending machine LOGO Program!  We can customize our media equipment, using your name or logo, with a variety of background colors, as well.   Create this customized look today with James Vending!
Vending products have improved and evolved, as well.   We have an endless variety of the standard sweet and salty snack items, you’d expect.  Vending now goes beyond those basic offerings, as we offer many, alternative options for a healthier choice.  Items such as breakfast bars, protein bars and snacks, meal replacement bars and drinks, are available today!   We purchase from many distributors, making almost any item attainable.  These products, along with the health information mentioned above, are changing the game in the vending industry.  
James Vending prides itself in being at the forefront in our industry, utilizing our advanced equipment, services, and products you’ve been reading about.  Let James Vending customize a vending program for your location today!  Contact us: