Micro Market
Here it is! The most exciting and innovative concept to hit employee break-rooms yet!  The micro-market is quickly becoming the standard in workplaces around the globe.  This unique program provides your employees, guests, and customers with an inviting and interactive experience, similar to what they would find in their local convenience stores or grocery outlets.  This revolutionary concept allows for measurably higher selectivity, in hot and cold food options, snacks, beverages, coffee drinks, and so much more.  Healthier choices now reach far beyond “baked chips” or a granola bar.  We’re talking fresh, delectable options such as fruit, salads, yogurts, and so much more.  
The self-checkout kiosk allows the customer to utilize different payment options, making it ultra-convenient and user-friendly.   Purchases may be made using credit/debit cards, cash, or by utilizing a personal account, set-up by the end user.  These kiosks do so much more than just process a sale.  These have the ability to track and provide “real-time” data, which can be used to determine the types of products in demand, purchasing trends, and more.  Companies and organizations are finding these pieces of information very useful, when evaluating their health and wellness plans for their workplace.
James Vending Micro-Markets can be designed to custom-fit your work space, while still providing all of the amenities mentioned above.  Contact James Vending TODAY, for your FREE, no obligation micro-market/vending evaluation.  We look forward to serving you!