We’ve all been there! Running late, café is closed, forgot your lunch or snack items at home.  Your thinking “No way the vending machine is going to have something healthy or lite”! 
Well…..Until Now!  Look Again!  We at James Vending are very aware of the demands of today’s healthy-minded consumers.  We offer snack and beverage alternatives, such as nut mixes, baked chips and snacks, multiple flavors of granola and jerky products, low-calorie breakfast bars, protein bars and shakes, and so many more!  Prior to installation, a James Vending Sales Manager will discuss your items of choice, so as to have these items available day one!!  We can even provide a general list, to begin choosing from.
We don’t stop there!  Take a closer look at our NEW, State-Of-The-Art, Media Vending Equipment.  These pieces come not only with debit/credit card readers and larger bill acceptance, but with a 10” LCD Screen, whereas you can quickly examine the nutritional information of ANY product in the machine.  YES! You read that correctly!  Simply select the item you may wish to purchase and before your eyes, the nutritional content will appear on the screen.  What a great feature to aid the health-conscious consumer!