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Coffee Condiment Items
Quantity of Cases
12oz. Stryrofoam Cups  (1000 per case)
12oz. Dixie Insulated Cups (1000 per case)
16oz. Styrofoam Cups  (1000 per case)
12oz. Lids (1000 per case)
16oz. Lids  (1000 per case)
Sugar Canisters (24 per case)
Sugar Canisters (1 each)
Sugar Packets  (2000 per case)
Splenda Packets (400 per case)
Equal Packets   (1200 per case)
Creamer Canisters   (24 per case)
Creamer Canisters   (1 each)
CoffeeMate Creamers   (180 per case)
French Vanilla Creamer (192 per case)
Hazelnut Creamers (192 per case)
5" Stir Sticks (1000 per case)
7" Stir Sticks (1000 per case)
Plastic Drinking Straws (1000 per case)
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Coffee Condiment Order
12oz. Stryrofoam Cups