Time for amusements!

James Vending has led the industry since 1973 with state-of-the-art amusement and prize redemption equipment. Our extensive line-up consists of: on-line jukeboxes, driving simulators, hunting/shooting games, pool tables, air hockey tables, plush/prize cranes, high-end prize redemption games, and many more. Anyone can propose to supply you with equipment similar to this, but it takes a company like James Vending with the experience and know-how to make your amusement program a huge success and continue to prosper for years to come. We will make this possible through: careful planning and customization of your desired amusement program, constant review and updates of the equipment, and 24/7 field tech support. You will also have one of our highly experienced members of management as your liaison to address the program’s ever-changing needs. When you put everything together, be assured FUN will be had by all!